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Electrical Services

One Alpha Electrical Services offers a range of different technical services. Electrical inspections are our main area of specialization. These independent audits of a client’s premises (called electrical inspections) are required under the Electricity Supply Act (1990). This is regulated by the Energy Commission or ‘Suruhanjaya Tenaga’ in Malaysia. We offer these electrical inspections to Industrial and Commercial users of Electricity such as Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Estates, and even residential properties such as Condominiums.

Condominiums and Apartments usually having standby generator sets to provide backup power supply in the event of a power failure, and these Generator Sets need to be inspected at least once a month under the law. Larger installations may require more than one certification every month by a qualified and competent person. A copy of this electrical safety audit or inspection report is sent to the Government’s Energy Commission every month. If an installation is found to be unsafe to continue operations, the law states that the person doing the electrical inspection has the authority to turn off the power supply to prevent any electrical accidents.

However, this is seldom the case! These regulations have been in force in Malaysia for over 50 years. To date, they have been effective in reducing the number of electrical accidents and fatalities that sadly still occur every month. One Alpha Electrical Services is a pioneer in providing this electrical inspection service since we were incorporated in 1979. Today our focus continues to be to add value and to educate our clients how to improve their electrical safety to reduce downtime and accidents. Besides this, we also offer a range of related electrical services namely

1) Thermographic Scanning (using an infra-red camera)

This is a Fault detection process using a sophisticated infra-red digital thermography camera that can detect loose electrical connections or cables that are becoming hot from carrying currents above their rated capacity. This is a tool to ensure the reliability of power supply especially for factories that operate on a 24-hour cycle. After we complete the scan using our digital camera, we produce a clear and complete colour report highlighting any weaknesses that need to be rectified. Once the faults are corrected, we scan the same spots again to confirm that the ‘hotspots’ have been removed. Digital Thermography is popular with the Insurance Industry as it lowers the risk of fires. Many commercial and industrial users of electricity enjoy lower fire insurance premiums once they have carried out such a scan. One Alpha Electrical Services offers this service to our existing clients at a special price, to continue to add more value for our customers.

2) Electrical Servicing and Maintenance

It is a requirement at law for all consumers of electrical power to have installed current interrupting devices at the main electrical panel, to save lives in the event of an electrical fault. The protection device, often called a relay, will trip or interrupt the power supply in the event of any abnormal condition, thus potentially saving lives in the process. As per the guidelines in Section 110 of the Electricity Supply Act and Electricity Regulations (1994), all protection relays must be tested and certified to be functional by an authorized tester. This test must be carried out at least once in 2 years.

One Alpha Electrical Services offers this valuable service. In addition, we also test the power transformers, and electrical panels to ensure they are in good working order. We have teams of dedicated Testers in Johor Bahru as well as the central region of Malaysia all having been certified by the Energy Commission to offer this service. We also do the servicing and maintenance of all electrical power equipment such as Transformers, Switchgear, Air Circuit Breakers, and can supply replacement parts such as MCCB’s, Capacitors, and others, upon request. We also monitor our clients TNB bills to ensure they are paying the right amount for the electrical power they consume. And we are on the lookout to avoid any penalties that may be imposed by the Power Utility Company in Malaysia. We have many success stories of saving our clients’ money every month by carrying out due diligence of their power consumption.

One Alpha Electrical Services also has a dedicated team of qualified persons who are dispatched to our client’s premises in the event of any serious power failure whereby the client is unable to restore power. We operate a 24-hour call out service to ensure our clients have the peace of mind in the event of any emergency. One Alpha Electrical Services will ensure that our clients comply with the requirements of the Energy Commission.

We frequently help our clients to register their premises with the Commission, as required by law. We update their electrical single line diagrams and ensure that each drawing is duly endorsed by a professional engineer. We also remind our clients to renew their registration before expiry and assist to collect their payment for their renewal license and we send this payment by hand to the nearest Energy Commission office. We do this extra service for free for our existing clients. One Alpha Group, are professional Engineering Service providers for over 30 years now. We are a one-stop service provider serving our clients throughout Malaysia from our offices in Ara Damansara and Johor Bahru. We offer a range of professional services such as:
  1. Monthly Electrical inspection and Certification, required by Law, under the Electricity Supply Act (1990) and Electrical Regulations (1994)
  2. Electrical Servicing of all Electrical large equipment such as power transformers, Switchgears, Air Circuit Breakers, and replacement as well.
  3. Infra-Red Thermo-Graphic Scanning – This is a scan done by our camera, of your electrical equipment to detect any hot spots that must be identified and solved. This is recommended once a year, and this will to reduce fire risk, and well as reduce unplanned power failures. (Some insurance companies give a discount on the fire premium payable if you have a thermographic scan every year)
  4. Protection Relay Calibration required once in 2 years, by law – All electrical panels and switchboards have protection relays called earth fault and overcurrent relays which must trip the power supply in the event a fault develops, to help save lives. The law requires that these relays are tested and calibrated once in 2 years. We have 2 teams of qualified Testing Engineers who can carry this out, at a reasonable cost.
  5. Electrical Training – We are an HRDF registered and approved Training Provider and can support your day to day operations. We offer Basic Facility Management Training, which is fully claimable from your Training Fund. We can organize soft skill training, and even technical training to educate your technicians on Electrical Safety, amongst others. Once we know your requirements, we can customize our training to serve your exact needs.
  6. TNB Tariff optimization/savings on electricity bills – In the past, we have been successful in helping our clients save RM2000 to RM10,000 per month in their TNB bills. See the testimonial letters as attached.  We start by analysing your monthly TNB bills and advise on what savings are possible. We may attach power monitoring equipment to record important data, to know exactly how much saving is possible every month. We offer NO COST options, where we take our fee from the savings.
  7. Mechanical and Electrical Professional Consultancy Services – We are Professional Engineers who are the appointed Consultants to a development in Iskandar Malaysia.  This project consists of 2 hotels and one office tower (all 33 story high), with an attached Convention Centre, near the Medini Region in Iskandar, Johor. This development has a gross development value of RM450 million and is expected to complete in 4 and a half years from 2015.

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